Crossing the Jordan

Deep down I knew about a week ago that I should start a blog. It obviously was met with apprehension but with encouragement of people in my life I decided to start. When I created this blog the name came easy. Crossing the Jordan. This journey of moving across the country isn’t some half baked plan but something God has been preparing me for since the start of the year or even longer. At the beginning of the year a friend of mine posted an Instagram story about what she described as her created core. Which is basically the core person God created you to be before the world out their input in. It was something I desired to know and I meditated on this idea. The more I thought about it I knew my created core was Joshua. Someone who was obdient, loyal, often needed validation and encouragment, a forerunner, and a warrior. I knew that I needed to study his life to better understand my own.

When I started reading the book of Joshua this was what I wrote in my journal.

I feel like this ten verses (Joshua 1:1-10) says a lot. I know at my core this is who I am but this is Yahweh reminding Joshua where his strength comes from. That obedience and discipline will make him successful. That he will be with him every step of the way. I just feel inadequate. I’m strong minded but not disciplined. Yahweh how am I to be this? Let me peel you. Let me chip away so the world can see the strong warrior I created. Remember Joshua had a mentor, follow your mentor without question. Trust this process. Soon you will be crossing the Jordan.

I wrote this February 4th 2020. I remember writing it and not fully understanding what it meant. I am sure even know I don’t understand the depth of this exchange. I know that in my studies that crossing the Jordan was a pivotal moment in the Israelites journey. It required faith as they had never seen the promise land. It was a generational move. Crossing the Jordan into the promise land was not a small task. It required faith to cross the Jordan but then even after they entered it was filled with battles that were fought to claim their inheritance. It wasn’t given to them they had to fight for every inch of the promise land. It was filled with mistakes and grace.

This move requires faith. I have never step foot into Coeur d’Alene. I don’t know what the future holds but I know that I am equipped to fight the battles, like Joshua. I have had amazing mentors in my life that have taught me how to fight with true spiritual grit. I have the armor for protection. The battle is spiritual and I am ready to fight. I know the battles I will face will require trust and obidence to the Lord. I am sure I will make mistakes and I am grateful for the grace God gives freely.

I also know I am never alone.

He is with me always.

There is beauty in this.

I am determined to find it.

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