Standing in the Son

This winter was tough. Which is so interesting because being from Buffalo I have felt with gloomy winters my whole life. Seeing the sun didn’t really matter. It helped that I worked nights but that is besides the point. The thing I have noticed with North Idaho is the weather is kind of all orContinue reading “Standing in the Son”

40 Days

Well, the day has come. My fast is officially over. I know most of you are unaware that I have been fasting for the last 40ish day. Let me tell you I have learned a lot. I would think the biggest lesson is truly how imperfect I, and how perfect Jesus is. Yesterday I hadContinue reading “40 Days”

Imposter Syndrome

Once again here we are. Diving in the my childhood hurts and how they manifest in my life as a 27 year old. Yes there is a bit of sarcasm in there but its really me just trying to cope. Anyway. Tonight at church I was shadowing to one day serve in the role ofContinue reading “Imposter Syndrome”

Be Still

I have been noticing lately I suck at being still. Being “still” is not something I am good at. I don’t do well with not having the next step. Tonight was a conference at my home church, and they had prophets come. They spoke and prophesied over some people in the congregation. I found myselfContinue reading “Be Still”


There are a lot of things they teach you in nursing school. I took anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and psychology. Along with several nursing courses that consisted of skills lab, clinical, and classroom. Most people assume that going to school for three to four years would prepare you for hitting the floor. Sure you knowContinue reading “Burnout…”

When the Clouds Rest.

Winter here is different. It has been pretty gloomy. A huge shift from the bright blue cloudless sky during the summer. As you all know something I love deeply about living out west is the mountains. The cool thing about when there are clouds, they kind of hit the mountains. One of two things willContinue reading “When the Clouds Rest.”


I would be lying if I didn’t say today was hard. This morning I woke up and woke up to loving texts wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. I was planning to call my mom on the way to work. As I got into my car I started crying. This is my first holiday away fromContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Social Media Pause.

Yesterday I attended a prayer meeting, durning that meeting one of the women prayed that addictions would be broken. She included social media in there. I felt really convicted. It took me about two minutes to take my phone out and delete Facebook. It took me several hours to delete instagram. I went on withContinue reading “Social Media Pause.”


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