I would be lying if I didn’t say today was hard. This morning I woke up and woke up to loving texts wishing me a happy Thanksgiving. I was planning to call my mom on the way to work. As I got into my car I started crying. This is my first holiday away fromContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Social Media Pause.

Yesterday I attended a prayer meeting, durning that meeting one of the women prayed that addictions would be broken. She included social media in there. I felt really convicted. It took me about two minutes to take my phone out and delete Facebook. It took me several hours to delete instagram. I went on withContinue reading “Social Media Pause.”

Hitting my Stride.

Since making Heart of the City church my home church, I have joined two small groups. Last night I ended up going to church. I really wanted to message those small groups and see if anyone was going. But I opted not too, partly due to my own insecurities. I had a rather busy day,Continue reading “Hitting my Stride.”

Track History

Oh boy has it been a while. It isn’t because God hasn’t been speaking to me, but because it has been rough!!! I like most have periods where I am super close to Lord and it is easy. This has not been one of those. It is finally settling in that I am across theContinue reading “Track History”

Twenty Seven

What better way to celebrate your birthday than writing a blog. I will be the first to admit that this is a weird birthday. Although that isn’t really saying a whole heck of a lot. When I was kid I wasn’t the biggest fan of my birthday. For several reasons, I was not a fanContinue reading “Twenty Seven”

Call to War

Sometimes I find it really hard to write a blog post. There is something about sharing and being vulnerable that makes it really easy to put off. But I know that one day I will back and be grateful for this blog. Documenting such a pivotal part of my journey. I had a dream aContinue reading “Call to War”

Worship and Wildfires

The title kind of says it all. I have really been dragging my heels when it comes to writing this blog post. I think it is significantly easier to write when I feel like I have a handle on this major life transition. With that being said, there are moment I feel like I amContinue reading “Worship and Wildfires”

Shore Sighted

One of the many things I love about living in CDA would have to be the numerous outdoor activities. My number one favorite activity would have to swimming. There are so many cool swimming spots and I think I have spent more time at the beach in the last four or five years combine. ItContinue reading “Shore Sighted”

Validation Seeker

Well well well … this is not one I really wanted to write but here we are. Topics typically come to me and I just know that is what I need to write about. This came to mind a few days ago but I have really just ignored the prompting. But as I am sureContinue reading “Validation Seeker”


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