The first of many.

I was apprehensive about starting a blog. I knew that if I wanted people to follow along I would have to be consistent. Posting regularly and to be honest that scared me. I know with moving a lot of things are going to change. Moving to a new place there will be plenty of things that I want to see. I want to make friends and know that at twenty six friends are harder to make. I know navigating my job will require my mental energy. But I know that God put me on this path for a reason. That although I am the one walking this path and navigating the change people need to see what he is doing in my life. That a little intimidating right. Like all eyes on you as you make this major life change. I hope that anyone reading this gives me a lot of grace as I start to navigate this new season and starting this blog post. But I also hope that these blog post challenge you to see the glory in your own life. That we serve a God who uses the mundane to perform miracles. It doesn’t always have to be grand but that even in the little moments he is moving. I challenge you to open your eyes to the beauty around you.

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