Packing is the WORST!

I think everyone would agree the worst part of moving is packing. It isn’t until you have to fit your stuff in boxes that you realize how much you have accumulated. As I am packing to move I have realized our world is really good at moving stuff. There are hundereds if not thousands of moving compaines in the United States. Don’t want to drive your car across the country? No worries there is someone for that. Want that home gadget but it isn’t a Target? No problem Amazon will have it on your door step in two days.

Something moving has taught me is that convenience comes at a cost. Want to ship your car, they have people for that but its going to cost you. To ship a small POD of my belongings across the United States would have been 4,500$ without movers. The cost of convenience really pushed me to think about what I wanted to bring. In the end we decide to ship my car (luckily I was able to pack some of my stuff in there). I will pack two huge duffels, a carry on and a backpack. My parents will bring some stuff in September but thats it.

I set myself up well when moving out of my house. I had minimized my belongings to the point I could pack up my car and move. But had I not done that leg work months ago, I would have decided to go with a POD. Simply because it would have been overwhelming to deal with in the midst of this transition. Like I said earlier there is a cost to convenience but there is also a cost to baggae. The more stuff you have more it costs to ship.

Have you ever thought about the baggage you are carry season to season in your life? One of the perks about moving across the country is that the season of life I am in has a tangible end. Often we find ourselves in a new season without ever seeing the end of the last. But with this end I am able to really refelct on this season. It was a season of rebirth. It was a season of discovering who God created me to be. I wish I could say that it was easy. But there is a reason people are horders. They find comfort in their belongings. There is a deep seeded attachment that at times isn’t rational. But isn’t that how we are with our baggage. We carry it around and don’t even realize the effects it has on our thoughts, feelings or our relationships. The more we have the more it costs. This was a season of digging in to muck and the grime that plagued my thoughts and learning to let go of my baggage. It was the leg work. God knew the cost of the baggage. He knew I needed to let it go so I could freely walk into this season ready to learn the next lesson.

2 thoughts on “Packing is the WORST!

  1. The role of our possessions changes over time. It changes as we enter different stages of life. As you pack up the things from one chapter and move them to a new chapter and ask since you are deciding what will be part of your new chapter and white can be left behind. As we take into account the cost of moving things it forces us to truly explore what is needed and desired. Therefore the simple act of packing and moving is so much more


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