This week I saw a post floating around social media about verses being removed from the bible. This obviously made its rounds as people reposted it. I know people were concerned or even angry. I feel as though I was one of the people who just shrugged it off and continued on my day. The fact that I so easily shrugged it off really bothered me. I have noticed that a lot of hot topics have been making their rounds on social media. When churches were closed and other public places were opened, I know their were people who felt like their rights were being taken away. People were genuinely frustrated and upset. But honestly for me I was okay with church being closed for a time. A year or two ago when an abortion law was passed in New York there was this outrage on social media. I was upset but not outraged. We live in a fallen world. Things like this are bound to happen.

I don’t say this to say I am this cool as a cucumber Christian. I don’t say this to say that your feelings towards these issues isn’t valid. If I am being completely honest I feel like an odd duck for not being more upset and outraged about what is going on in this world.

Some battles just aren’t mine to fight. Some might say that I am a lukewarm Christian. That I need to be more on fire for the truth, or something like that. I know that isn’t the case. The thing is I often find myself supporting the people who are of fire for these issues. Making sure that people feel supported in their own battles. We aren’t all called to the front lines. We need people who are making sure the people who are on the front lines are being supported and cared for. The front lines can be lonely, exhausting and sometimes feel like it is not worth it.

If your someone who sees people around you speaking on the hot topics issues but don’t feel the same. That is okay. It is okay to feel like a battle isn’t your fight. If you are the person posting about these issues make sure that it is more then a social media post. Is there a organization you can support. Companies you can support or compaines that you shouldn’t support. Make sure you do your research and fact check before reposting things and getting fired up on social media. The world is watching. They have no problem calling you a hypocrite and discrediting God based on one social media post. Social media isnt going to win the war. Jesus did.

Do you need support? I would love to get behind you and support you. Feel free to shoot me a message.

4 thoughts on “Support

  1. Ashley – Well done again. You do have talent to be a writer. Maybe even writing a book.
    Love you. Keep up the great thoughts and words of encouragement.

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  2. Love the idea of supporting people even when their beliefs or values differ from ours, The best friends are those that truly listen and let us be who we are. They let us express our thoughts, ideas and feelings, even if they are different from theirs. It takes courage to be we are.

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  3. I have two friends that went into missionary work in Thailand and Philippines. I was actively involved in their prayer support team, and for one, solely responsible for getting packages to her in Chang Mai for two years. However, I still felt a little like the kid that chose to stay a grade behind.

    Now I understand better – it was the task He gave me. And, each of them, shared with me later on how much my support meant to them ( lots of friends slowly disconnected when they started their work)


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