Love Letter


You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Your heart for others is huge. Let’s not even get started on the love you have for your cats. You are incredibly loyal and compassionate. But on that same coin you are the first person to call it as you see it. Something that is often missed in this generation. I also love that you are genuinely interested in peoples lives, asking questions that you want the answers and not just to make small talk. In fact you hate small talk and that’s something I love about you. Your willingness to go deep with people and want to know them for who they truly are. You are impulsive, love adventure and self growth. I wish that you were able to see yourself as the world sees you. A shining star in the midst of a dark world. You light up rooms and bring comfort to the brokenhearted even if you don’t see it. I know that you often down play your abilities and are humble to a fault, but you are a strong and independent women. You are smart and creative. You’re words are desired by many and you are often wise beyond your years. I love you’re heart for Jesus, your obedience to his voice and his plan for your life. I know moving wasn’t easy for you but so much good has come out of the hardest times of your life. I know the decision to move is down played in your head because “anyone can do it”. But many don’t choose it. Many people choose the easy path and not many choose to jump over the cliff not knowing what is below them. I admire that quality in you. The pursuit of your dreams even when sacrifice is required. That you are stubborn and don’t give up when it is something you really want. I am so proud of you for tackling your mental health this year, and working through the many issues that have bread insecurities. I pray that as you continue to grow you would not only walk as the women of God that I know you are but are able to impart that to others. That your life would be a living example of loving Jesus and allowing him to transform you. I also pray that you find peace in the now, that you would be able to accept the love that Jesus so freely gave. You are accepted, wanted and redeemed.

Love, Ashley

One thought on “Love Letter

  1. What a lovely letter to self. Recognizing that your a creation of a wonderful Heavenly Father. is so beautiful. We are all worthy and valued because we are his children and he loves us. However so many times We look to others to find our value, when we just need to look in the mirror., and see what he sees. I love this letter, you captured a glimpse of the amazing Ashley I know and love!!!


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