This is a blog post that is more for me than any of you. When I look back at my blog posts I see milestones and lessons that I have learned since I have moved here. This story is just that a milestone in my life that I don’t want to forget.

I was on my way home from a womens retreat. I had just eaten lunch and ready to hit the road. It was about a 45 minute drive back from where I was. As I pulled out of the parking lot and was headed home I saw a fire house. As I approached it I just felt deep in my Spirt that I needed to stop and go pray over them. I wish I could say that I was obedient in that moment, but to be honest I wrestled. I pasted the firehouse and as I got to the freeway entrance the wrestling continued. I sat extra long at the stop but ultimately chose to just drive home. The idea of walking into a random building to pray for people terrified me. But as I drove on the freeway I couldn’t help but loose the battle with the Holy Spirt. I knew I needed to suck it up and go for it. I got off on the next exit and turned around.

As I turned around I could feel my heart beating out of my chest. I was getting nervous. I parked my car and started walking over to the garage with all the trucks. I knocked on the side of the garage and said “hello” with no reply. I would be lying if I say in that moment I could have wimped out. No one was there and I could just go home. But I knew I saw the cars lined up on the side, so people had to be there. I took a deep breath and went looking for a door. I found it on the side of the building and walked in. There was no one. I continued to look around briefly, only to find a door that said staff only with a door bell next to it. I looked at that door bell for about 30 seconds before hitting it. Since there was no immediate response, my heart was racing. Then a friendly face opened the door and greeted me. I told him that I just was on my way home from a womens retreat and really felt like I needed to stop and pray for them. He ushered me back to the room and it was him and one other person. I was introduced and explained what I was going to be doing.

Let me tell you I felt so awkward. I have prayed for a number of people, but only a few times have I prayed for totally random strangers who may or may not know Jesus. I asked them if they knew Jesus. One nodded yes the other said he was familiar. I believe the words that came out of my mouth were “cool”. I took the biggest deep breath and started praying. I thanked the Lord for what they were doing and protection over them. I believe I also prayed for their families and just a few other things here and there. When it was over I thanked them, and basically left as fast as I could.

As I sat in the car I think part of me wished that I was better able to articulate what Jesus has done in my life, and really open up a conversation with them. But I also knew I needed to give myself so much grace. What I just did was something I honestly never saw myself doing. I have never been the type to evangelize or honestly do anything remotely close to that. I was so proud of myself for stepping out into what the Lord wanted me to do. I don’t know what will come from me praying over Logan and Shawn, but I do know that the reward will be rich. That is the kind of God I serve. One who is cheering me on and loves when I step out in faith. I just want to encourage you! I am by no means and extrovert, but if I can do it, I believe you can too!

4 thoughts on “Obedience

  1. You are a brave courageous warrior! You are correct you may never know why you were there or what was needed, but Heavenly Father does!! Doing things that are akward and uncomfortable are always hard. However I know that if we feel uncomfortable and are only doing it through obedience, then those you are ministering to will feel the spirit working through you in the most humble way.

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  2. Learning to receive and then act promptly on spiritual prompts is a life long journey. It is a time of training. I call it the electricity of spirituality. The more you are in tune the stronger the current which will will not in the next life. God bless you following your prompting. There will be blessing that come form this. Keep up you special prays and work. Love you!!

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  3. Wow this is encouraging! I know God is proud of you for going outside of your comfort zone. I think most people would have been at least a little nervous to do what you did!

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