Social Media Who?

A life without social media, it is different. In my adult life there has been very few times that I have not been on social media. But in deactivating it, I felt this release. When I decided to deactivate social media, I knew it couldn’t be a short term thing. If I am being honest, I was sick and tired of it stealing my time. But also feeling like I had no control over it. I would be cleaning my apartment and as I went room to room I couldn’t not scroll. I would get bored of my task or feel overwhelmed and basically retreat to social media. Which is not healthy at all. I totally get that! I wish it wasn’t that way but it is.

Life post deactivation, isn’t much different. The hardest moments are in the in-between. Waiting in line for a coffee, or waiting for a friend to show up. But other then that, I have yet to really miss it. Like I said earlier, when it got deactivated it truly felt like a release. A release from inauthenticity. A release from peoples expectations. It felt like freedom. I have had more emotional energy to be around people. Being off social media forces me to engage with my friends and family. I actually have to talk to people now to know what is going on in their life. Which most of the time they aren’t doing as well as I thought they were. Needless to say, I couldn’t be more happy with my decision.

2 thoughts on “Social Media Who?

  1. Reading this makes me smile. Growing up in a world without cell phones and social media lent itself to different challenges and opportunities. In many ways I believe that our lives were more private and connection to others was. an active decision. (I grew up in the late 60’s, early 70’s.) I can remember waiting for a letter for three to four weeks, checking the mail box everyday. Excited to get a letter from an old friend or distant relative. I also remember Not being able to make long distance calls due to cost, so my circle of friends was affected by that. Things have really changed. The internet and social media have led the way for faster connections and the ability to maintain relationships with so many more people. Distance is no longer a barrier, and there are so many more opportunities to share, and reconnect. The unfortunate fallout is that some relationships have become an expression of the “cherry picked moments in everyones life”. Pictures, posts, comments reflecting the good pieces, not the struggles. This can create a place of stress, as it as it is difficult to turn off. Social media can also create a platform to comment or even judge others for their beliefs and ideas, outside of a mutual discussion. Unfortunately this can increase anger and misunderstandings,
    Taking a step back and realizing that social media has both positive and negative attributes is very cool, Acknowledging that at this time it is like an addiction, or an escape is a powerful insight. Taking a break and stepping back takes much courage. You got this!
    All I can say is that relationships that come from a genuine place of love or friendship, that embrace regular conversations and connections are richer then any relationship that is based on posts and comments.
    As you continue on this fast, you will find ways to stand in line and appreciate the quiet, you will find that most peoples lives are complicated and love.when someone listens to them and shares genuine warmth and caring.
    You are on your way to another amazing journey

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