Twenty Eight.

Almost a week late, but I blame it on work and life! I have done quite a bit of reflection on my 27 year of life. It sounds so melodramatic, I know. But 27 was hard. I had just moved to a new town, basically knew no one, and was really figuring out what it meant to be Ashley Zych. They say when you move you can recreate yourself. I don’t disagree, I do feel like moving has change me. But I feel like my core personality is still the same. I just have become a more confident individual. This past year I have been learning over and over again, I am enough. I don’t need to be anything more then I who God created me to be. My type A personality can be cherished, that my honesty is valuable, that my loyalty can be reciprocated. That my expectations of myself are always set way to high, and that I am an all or nothing person, but that I can work on those things and that it is okay.

I would be lying if I didn’t say I was sad that I wasn’t in a relationship. I remember on my twenty seventh birthday that was something I desired so deeply. It still is but I think the focus in my life truly has shifted towards me. Working on myself and my life. Setting time aside to do the things I love. I want to write more, travel, and work my job that I love. I want this to be the year that I reap all the thing I have been sowing for the past several years.

With all of this said, I have decided to delete social media. It is something I have always really struggled with. Over the last month or so I have started to realize how much of my life it has consumed. It has turned into a coping mechanism, it has taken way to much of my time. I want to connect with people in the real world and live my life not as connected to the screen. But with this deleting of social media, my goal is to post more regularly about my life here. I really miss listening for the lessons of God in the mundane. But I hope you follow along, and see what is to come in my life because it is going to be good!

3 thoughts on “Twenty Eight.

  1. 28 is great! You have worked hard to get where you are and your efforts have paid off. .Giving up social media is a great idea and will be an interesting challenge. Rock on Ashley, you got this!!!

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  2. This year is going to be a great year for you Ashley! I’m so thankful you moved to CDA Idaho. You’re such a blessing and light to be around. I’m looking to showing you around CDA more. How has it been so far being off social media? Maybe you will share more about that in your next blog 🙂

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