Clean Cut

I can’t believe I have lived in Couer D’Alene for almost a year. I think about the person I came here as and the person I am now. I have come so far when it comes to my relationships, assessing my needs, managing my emotions. Recently I have been receiving a lot of encouragement from those around me. Almost every conversation I have is inspiring or encouraging. It feels like springtime. The birthing of something new.

For those of you who don’t know, I will be moving to Rathdrum. Which at first was hard for me to come to terms with. I love my apartment and honestly, if they didn’t raise my rent as much as they did I would have stayed. I signed my lease sight unseen because they weren’t done being built. They happen to finish right before I needed to move. Finding them was all God. When I heard the price I jumped (as I do with most things). But as the day came closer to pick up my keys, I became nervous. Was my furniture going to fit, where was my cat’s massive litter box going to go? Would there be room for my plants?

Friday before work I went to pick up my keys. The property manager opened the door, and I must have made a face because he asked if it was what I expected. I said I didn’t know what to expect. But I was pleasantly surprised. My bedroom was a little bigger. I have a much bigger patio. I can hear the birds which reminds me of home. The energy is just better.

After seeing it I am starting to get excited to mold the space and settle in. It will be an adjustment. But I don’t remember who I was talking to but the Lord knew I needed a new space. Sure I love my apartment, but I have cried many tears here. It has been a hard year. A painful year as I learned things about myself and navigating a new city and new people. My apartment was a perfect stepping stone. A place to break chains but it was never to stay and the Lord knew that. This new apartment feels homier. It sounds silly but it feels like it’s a clean cut. Something we don’t often get. I can leave the chains where they fell and walk freely into what God has for me.

2 thoughts on “Clean Cut

  1. It is so nice to have those around you giving you positive feedback. So many times in our life we are not open to it and therefore miss it. Just remember that seeking feedback from the world only goes so far as the world is broken. Waiting for feedback from the world can sometimes create undue pain and anxiety. So enjoy the encouragement, as it is wonderful, but don’t base your own sense of self on what others think or say. Remember that you are an amazing daughter of Heavenly Father who loves you just as your are.


  2. I’m so excited for you! Isn’t He amazing how He just takes care of everything ! And… I’m stealing some of the words of advise from that cool lady who’s comment sits above mine in your blog post ! Waiting for feedback from the world – whoo – I do that too much – still working on muffling that noise and listening only to the Heavenly Father.

    Sending much love your way !


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