Parent Prepartion


Obviously you can see I am very excited that I get to see my parents. Before I moved I was the girl who spent more weekends with my family then friends. To say that moving was hard was an understatement. I am sure of those who have been following along already know that.

My parents were supposed to come in October and I was supposed to go home in December. But due to COVID it just wasn’t able to happen. When we decided for them to cancel the trip this past October we were all heart broken. We weren’t sure when we were going to see each other, or if the plans we made in the future were going to unfold how we wanted them to. The problem with living across the country is that it is hard to just visit for a day or two because it is easily 8 hours of flying each way.

But this week every time I think about seeing my parents and hugging them I can’t help but get emotional. But in the best way. I am just so excited because I miss them so much! I am excited to show them around town and have them meet my friends and better yet my cats. I am sure there will be many tears by all and that’s okay.

This experience has shown me just a glimpse of the love the Father has for me. In my life my family and cats are pretty much on the most loved list. I don’t have a kid so I don’t know what that feels like. But if this is how much love I have for my parents that I am crying tears of joy when I see them, how much more does the Father feel when I get to spend time with him. Especially after I have spent time away. I understand what it feels like to long to spend time with someone not because of what they can give you but just because you love them. The excitement and positive energy has overflowed into every area of my life!

I wish I could say that was the only thing I learned but it isn’t. In my parents coming, let us just say my apartment got a deep spring cleaning. Every surface cleaned, some things donated. But don’t worry I kept the broken down boxes so my dad would feel needed when he got here. My parents have no expectation that my apartment is clean, in fact they probably expect the opposite (they know me well). But I wanted to show off my best for them. I was thinking about how this relates to my relationship with the Father. Like do I desire him to see my best. Not in a perfection way, but in a I want you to be proud of me way. He is totally okay with the mess, sometimes that is all I can bring. But that moment when you have been working really hard to see yourself the way he sees you and it clicks. This makes way more sense in my head. I don’t clean my apartment because my parents expectation but because I want them to feel welcomed. It isn’t that they wouldn’t help me clean up my mess, in fact my mom and dad would love to help. But that I want them to focus more their time with me. The preparation before the encounter. What if I put more effort in my preparation for encountering the Father?

That is it. I am excited to spend time with my parents.

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