Standing in the Son

This winter was tough. Which is so interesting because being from Buffalo I have felt with gloomy winters my whole life. Seeing the sun didn’t really matter. It helped that I worked nights but that is besides the point. The thing I have noticed with North Idaho is the weather is kind of all or nothing. It is either clear sky’s or complete overcast all day. Yesterday and today have not only been sunny but minimal wind and over 50 degrees. To say my soul is happy is a complete understatement. It’s way easier to sit outside and soak up the sun when it isn’t freezing. In fact I am sitting outside writing this blog post because I just love the sun.

But as I was walking around I was thinking about how conditioned I had become to the gloom. But more importantly how much my soul and body need to be outside in the sun. How true is that when it comes to our relationship with God. The less time we spend with him the easier it is to not spend time with him. This is something I have been guilty of since the start of COVID. My previous job I was blessed to be able to consistently spend time in the word and journal, but since COVID I have struggled. Now I spend time with God in worship and being mentored by there is something special about our alone time with the Father. He refreshes our soul like the sunny days after a long winter.

My mom is the kind of women who walks outside almost everyday. Even in the gloom and cold, she is there walking. I have no desire to be outside in the gloom, but as soon as the sun is shining I am there. But that determination is something I admire. Sure the sun is amazing, but being outside and walking without the sun would still bring me joy after I was done. We can’t always wait for the sun to show up. Motivation is fleeting but determination is what gets us through the long winters with joy. Choosing everyday to see the Joy in the gloom. It is something I am working on. But I am grateful that even if I don’t show up God does. He still loves me and gives grace abundantly.

2 thoughts on “Standing in the Son

  1. I just love this post. How true it is. How easy it is the rejoice in the warm sun. Most times however, in life, it is finding the joy in the gloom. Finding gratitude in the very small things. Immersing in our faith. Changing our thinking These are the things that keep us afloat, during the times, when we have not felt the warmth of the sunshine on our face

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  2. Ashley – Thanks for the words of encouragement. Even though its cold an gloomy I have been walking with mom. I can wait for this week for the warm up; I will start walking more and more! May Heavenly Father continue to bless you!

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