When the Clouds Rest.

Winter here is different. It has been pretty gloomy. A huge shift from the bright blue cloudless sky during the summer. As you all know something I love deeply about living out west is the mountains. The cool thing about when there are clouds, they kind of hit the mountains. One of two things will happen, the cloud will sit and hover or the mountain will split it. Even now I am sitting here looking at the mountains and the clouds just sit and hover at the top of the mountain.

Over the past few years, before going into the year I would get a word that would define the year. I have had transparency, boldness and this year the word is ascend. This is something I have wrestled with. It wasn’t a word that has really sat well with me. But when I got the word, the Lord reminded me of when Moses went up the mountain and met with the Lord. The glory cloud came and rested on the mountains. I’m sure it was more beautiful then I could imagine. More beautiful then the mountains I am looking at now. But I won’t be the Israelites looking from afar, but Moses going up the mountain for the world to see.

It is interesting though, when people looked at the mountain they didn’t see Moses they say the glory cloud, they just knew Moses was there. This is the year people see God and not me. The year I step into the God given authority on my life. Once again, a year not about me.

I am excited to see what the year hold. I encourage you to ponder what the word of the year for you is. I would love to know what it is, and if there is any kind of prayer that you need. I love you all so much.

4 thoughts on “When the Clouds Rest.

  1. Hi Ashley,
    I hope you’re not too depressed. You sound like you are and I’m a little worried about you. You probably have to stay here during the today’s and no one is coming to visit. That has to be sooooo hard. But you are a strong young woman and you will get through this. It’s an awful time. I don’t have a word for you from me for this year. It’s been a rough year for me. But I can’t complain. Lots of changes, lots of pain, lots of weird things, lots of changes. Tooo many changes. But I will go on and my goal is to help others go on. We can make it through. Thanks for opening this up for me


    1. I’m sorry that it has been such a hard year for you! I am far from depressed. Yes I miss my family but I could have stayed in Buffalo. I am incredibly blessed and loved by so many! It has been a hard year for everyone! I’m sure you will do amazing things in 2021b


  2. I spent some time thinking, “what is my word for now?” My word is embrace. This year has brought many changes, challenges, trials and silver linings. It has brought may hours of self reflection and a need to explore how my need for control has influenced me. I chose the word embrace because I realize that challenges, trials and silver linings are all part of a greater picture, heavenly fathers plan. By embracing it allows me to live in the moment. To “embrace” both the trails and the silver linings as a way to strengthen faith and build my relationship with my family, friends, and my Heavenly Father.
    On another note, recognizing the things we chose is a powerful tool to increased understanding and growth.

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