Coeur d’Alene – Day 3

Every new experience is a learning opportunity, at least thats what my mother tells me.

When I stepped off the plane in Denver I felt like I transported. I have been to the Denver airport before but this time it was different. It was night and day from the Buffalo airport. The Buffalo airport had only a handful of gates open, maybe one or two eateries and tape on every other seat. The Denver airport had a lot of eateries open, no tape on seats, and honestly some people not wearing a mask. It is so different then what I have been around I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. That feeling didn’t go away as I traveled to Coeur d’Alene.

As I drove I saw the mountians and I couldn’t help but almost cry. For years I have always wanted to drive and see mountains. I think they are just unbelievely beautiful. Here I was driving to my new home and every direction I looked there was a mountian. I have repetedly said “I can’t believe I live here”. I will wait until I am out of the honeymoon phase to make a proper judgement on the town but thus far I love it. There are some things that are very different then Buffalo. For those playing along at home I am going to share some of them with you.

Two words coffee huts. I knew they existed but I have never seen one in person. What is a coffee hut you may ask. Its a shed in a parking lot that sells coffee. Although I am not sure how they function people love them. Almost every coffee hut I see has a line. I will have to try it but for now we get to drink coffee at home.

Trucks and SUVs. I swear thats all people drive here. There is an absurd amount of large vehicles. I don’t know if it is because of weather or farming or mountains. But I feel like all I see is trucks and SUVs.

Traffic and One Ways. It may be how the town was built but man is there a lot of traffic. All day not matter what time I feel like I am always sitting at lights which feel long. I also have found they really like one way streets. I don’t think I have driven on a three lane one way road ever. I definitely may or may not have thought the far left lane was going the other way and stopped in the middle to turn. I am sure with time I will be able to adjust.

Every one is nice. In my time here everyone has been incredibly nice. Not just in talking but in passing. I joked with someone that it was the fresh air here. But if you smile at someone they smile back, I have yet to have someone not smile back.

I am grateful that thus far it has been a positive experience. Although it has been a little overwhelming I am grateful that I get to add this to my life experience list. I know I have many more lessons to learn.

2 thoughts on “Coeur d’Alene – Day 3

  1. I read a quote that said the three C’s of life: choices, chances, changes, you must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. You have jumped in made the choice took the chance and now you will begin to see the amazing changes that will work through your life. All changes are hard at first sometimes messy as you move forward but once you embrace they are amazing

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